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History of Fashion

July 19, 2007

History of fashion is one of my favorite classes this quarter so far. I dont have to memorize names and dates of things that would only be useful on a triva show, so this makes it much more fun than high school/college history lessons! My homework for this class is to sketch some original ideas taking inspiration from the time periods. Lauren (my very first blog commentor!) suggested I post my sketches, so here they are, along with the time period that inspired them:

Egyptian inspired dress:

Egyptian Inspired Dress


Minoan inspired gown,  loosely inspired by the shape of the bulls horns and the traditional colors of Minoan frescoes (the colors didn’t show very well when scanned):


Minoan Inspired Gown


Minoan Bull Frescoe 

Classical Roman inspired dress (back and front):

Roman Inspired Dress

Classical Roman