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History of Fashion

July 19, 2007

History of fashion is one of my favorite classes this quarter so far. I dont have to memorize names and dates of things that would only be useful on a triva show, so this makes it much more fun than high school/college history lessons! My homework for this class is to sketch some original ideas taking inspiration from the time periods. Lauren (my very first blog commentor!) suggested I post my sketches, so here they are, along with the time period that inspired them:

Egyptian inspired dress:

Egyptian Inspired Dress


Minoan inspired gown,  loosely inspired by the shape of the bulls horns and the traditional colors of Minoan frescoes (the colors didn’t show very well when scanned):


Minoan Inspired Gown


Minoan Bull Frescoe 

Classical Roman inspired dress (back and front):

Roman Inspired Dress

Classical Roman


Let the Stress Begin!

July 10, 2007

Hi All,

 I’m officially back from vacation, and yesterday marked the start of a new quarter at school. This is quarter 3 of 5, I’m almost at the halfway point and this is where it gets serious!

We are at the beginning stages of planning the fashion show, and I got a handout of the deadlines this weekend. Somehow I didn’t realize that I would be THIS crunched for time. The initial sketches of my line are due at the end of September, this gives me less than 3 months! All of this of course has to be done outside of my regular 40 hour workweek + 18 hour school week. Needless to say I’m a bit overwhelmed, but I’m fully prepared to get down to business… caffine here I come!

Also, I went to the high end fabric store on my lunch break today (after exhausting all of my other, cheaper alternatives) and only found one fabric to my liking. I’ll take it as a compliment to my good taste that it’ll be setting me back $45/yard. Ouch. Tonight I’ll be finishing up the pattern (just a tweak to the hem) and trying to figure out how to squish all the pieces into as few yards as possible. (I decided to scrap the pleats around the pockets too, I just couldn’t get them to hang correctly.)

On a positive note I started my history of fashion class series yesterday, which proved to be very interesting and inspiring.