Pack Like a Pro

I’m leaving on Wednesday for a short trip back home to visit friends and family (yay!). I travel semi frequently, so I thought I’d share my packing tips.

Since I rarely take a trip longer than a week (and I suspect the airlines don’t give a crap about my stuff) I’m a carry-on only kinda gal. The key to this is to maximize space, and minimize wrinkling. You will need 1 carry-on bag/suitcase, and 1 totebag (or a Murse if you’re a dude).

Suitcase: 1) Lay any nice pants, jackets or dresses flat along the bottom, leaving extra length hanging out of the suitcase. (you will later fold that extra up over your other packed items) 

2) Any jeans or non-wrinkle pron items can be folded as usual and set on top of the first layer.

3) Fold tops lengthwise in half (hotdog style), stack on top of each other, and roll ’em like sushi. Rolling = less folding = less wrinkling. The one verticle fold in the shirt will come out easily when you wear it. It also helps if you separate your rolls by sleve length, so you know whats in what bundle (ie: tanks, long sleve, etc.)

4) Now flip the excess lenth of the first layer (step 1) up over the rest of your clothing. These clothes are now basically wrapped around all of your other clothes and are sitting in a soft U shape. No folds, no wrinkles!

5) Put shoes in along the side walls of the bag, sole facing away from your nice clean clothes.

6) Now get out that 1 liter zip-lock baggie and fill it with your liquid toiletries (3oz. or less). If your salon will give you little sample packets of shampoo and such, this is even better since they are flat. Also take your regular toiletry pouch with your brushes and other non liquids, you can transfer from your zip-lock after the flight. Luckily I use mineral makeup (powder), so this creates some much needed room in my zip lock.

7) Toiletries should go in your tote so that you can pull the zip-lock out easily for security checks. Your tote will be most accessable during the trip, so pack your purse essentials, passport, magazines, ipod, etc. in the tote.

Thats about it; I’d love to hear your tips for packing as well!


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